Community Street Lighting -
Notes and Photos by Able Group Inc.

We provide community street lighting for a variety of Home Owners Associations and Office Complex parking lots. Posted here are some tutorial photos and notes to offer those who may be hiring us for the first time. These are issues and examples of unusual circumstances going unnoticed, situations found when simply changing a light bulb and potentially costly issues that go unsuspected either by weather, age, poor design or services by others not having experience in these services. These are also examples of lighting retro-fit to LED, which has been very popular with the updated technology.
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Project Notes:

Community Street Lighting.
Residential 150 watt HPS.

Leaning Pole with Cobra-Head fixture 400 watt HPS.

This is an example of a community street light done by the Able Group.

Single head Special made community street light.

Double headed Special made community street light.

Our Street Lighting Team is responsible for the maintenance of street lighting and manage a variety of functions associated with the community associations in Delaware County. Our Team also provides a consultancy and design service to private developers Councils and other community organizations. Faulty lighting is repaired during the daytime, when all of the lights should be off. If you are reporting a faulty street light, please help us to locate its position by providing the complete reference, painted in white, on the column. We'll diagnose problems of street lights with the electricity power supply on in order to detect the location of failures. Photo operated circuits must be jumped out to see if the lighting fault you are concerned about has already been reported to the utility company.

Custom made post light.
Made inside our shop for the customers specific purpose.
"Dog-Walk" area.

Community lighting
New installations.

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