Lighting Retro-Fit -
Notes and Photos by Able Group Inc.
The term "lighting retro-fit" simply means to change the light fixture internal components. In some cases, the lighting retro-fit is more economical than the replacement of the entire lighting fixture. It takes experience when making this decision. In situations where the reuse of the same light fixture housing, frame and/or lens may be required to match the building decor while updating the inside only. Other deciding factors are the difficulty in the replacement of the existing light fixture or the new problems created with the walls or ceilings once removed. Retro-fitting existing lighting fixtures in large properties to LED has the most benefits because of the long term payback results.
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Project Notes:


Lighting Retro-fit from HID to LED for existing flood light fixtures on a parking lot lighting pole.
Lighting Retro-fit project for canopy fixtures. Removal of fluorescent tubes and internal ballasts - rewire for LED tubes. Lighting
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